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   If you are serious about finding some “Real” solutions for losing weight and keeping it off… then Dr. Bellyfat can definitely help you.

              ALL ABOUT ME

I grew up an overweight child. Needless to say, I came from a broken home with many issues that led to a lifetime of “Shame”.

Growing up as an overweight child I was never treated as an equal and I was the  “Target” for abuse and rejection.

I spent over half of my life in “Shame” because I did not “Fit” in with the “Beautiful People”, nor did I measure up to many other social standards.

I was never athletic, and I never enjoyed “Health Food”. My mother was a fitness instructor and was obsessed with healthy foods and dieting.

My mother was raised in an abusive environment and was overweight most of her life. She managed to lose so much weight that she was as beautiful as a supermodel.

When my mother began buying me “Husky” jeans and saw that I had eating disorders, my life as a child quickly became a “Living Hell”.

As if being an overweight child did not have enough social issues, I had a mother who was obsessed with diets, exercise, and healthy food.

Pretty much everything I did not want in my adolescent life. I wanted healthy food and exercise about as much as I wanted the “Popular” kids to make fun of me at school.

   “I have spent the last 30 years understanding the depth of the “Psychology” that drives our personal behaviors into our own “Self-Destruction”.

I was on a personal mission in life to understand why I lacked the ability to control my eating habits and inflict personal self-discipline”.


     When I was in my early 20’s… I would eat 2-pound bags of candy at a time because I needed to “Feel Good”, because I hated my life as an overweight person.


I grew into a person who had a lifetime of social issues that were “Rooted” in my early childhood stages of development. Many stages of my life became very “Complicated” and many times “Food” is how I was “Coping” with the complications of my life. The paradox was this…”Over Eating” and using food for “comfort” and “Happiness”, was the very behaviors that were destroying me as a persona on “the Inside of Myself”.

I lived a lifetime of shame as an overweight child, an adolescent, a teenager, and as an adult. This is something I  never admitted to anyone for the vast majority of my life. It was embarrassing, humiliating, and “Painful” the be overweight, and these “Truths” about myself were something I was never comfortable talking about.


   I did not walk around telling people I was ashamed to be “Fat”, but I spent many years beating myself up in privacy because I was ashamed of my “Physical Appearance”.



I have over 30 years of personal experience in…


  • Weight Loss Management / Long-Term Weight Control
  • Eating Disorders / Eating Habits / Over Eating
  • Exercising, Fitness Routines, Exercise Techniques
  • Low Intensity & High-Intensity Cardio Routines
  • Weight Lifting & Muscle Gain / Facts vs. Fiction
  • Home Exercises / Home Exercising / Equipment
  • Diets, Dieting, “Facts & “Fads” / Food Preparation
  • Meal Plans/  Supplements & Nutrition



Millions of people are searching for the right ways to become healthier people and they simply need honest and accurate information to achieve their personal goals. They need “Honest” information from people who have “Actual” experience with the realities of managing weight loss, not advice from an exercise “Guru” who has been physically active their entire life and has always eaten healthy foods.


The truth is every single person has different personal goals, but more importantly, every single person needs a “Personal Strategy” that will truly fit into their lifestyle and produce long-term success for losing weight and keeping it off. Men and women will need different strategies for long-term success.



Your Personal Success Starts Today


  The key to your personal success will be changing your “Perception” of “How to Lose Weight” and “How to Lose Fat”.There are thousands and thousands of “Theories” on weight loss and thousands of diets, but there are only a “Few” solutions that are going to actually work for “You”.



    So Let’s asked Dr. Bellyfat…”What is the best solution for your personal weight loss goals”?


Very Simple…”The combination of eating and exercise that you “Can” and “Will” actually “Commit To”.



If you hate the food, hate the diet, and hate the exercise…Then you will not inflict your “Self-Discipline”, and you will not succeed. Nobody is going to continue to do something for a long period of time if they dislike it, and this is just one reason people start off on a diet really well and then eventually go right back to their old ways of eating and daily routines.






20 years ago I had so much “Bellyfat” that I could not bend over to tie my own shoes. I had quit weighing myself after I got up to  238 pounds, and I had never really been very physically active. I was well over 250 pounds before I decided to make a permanent lifestyle change.



There was a lot of confusion about diets and many injuries that went along with my exercise experiences, so I know exactly just how important it is to get the right information to the right people. My goal is to “Help You” “Lose Fat” and keep it off for the rest of your life, “One day at a Time”.

The problem was always the same…What is the best diet, the best exercise, the best food, etc..What is the best and every place you see has a different theology, technique, or opinion for success on every aspect of exercise and nutrition.


  I had to find the right combination of “Actual” –  “Realistic Foods” , a “Diet” I could “Actually Live With”, “Exercising that I could “Actually Do” and “Commit To”…So, the question was always the same…”What would actually be the best solutions for me to “lose fat” without giving up my lifestyle completely?



             “I never viewed dieting and exercise as something that was fun to do”.


There are many reasons why I chose to build a website to help people lose weight, but the most important reason is that there are just not enough honest credible resources to actually help people who really want to lose weight.


    There are so many “Fads” and the latest and greatest diets most people have no idea where to begin, and most people get lost in the confusion of what is the right way to lose fat.


There are hundreds of misconceptions about exercise and weight loss. People need actual, honest information so they can develop a positive attitude for making some very important lifestyle changes.


 Making educated decisions based on your personality, personal goals, and lifestyle will be the very factors of your personal success in losing “Fat” and keeping it off. Everyone succeeds at a different pace, believe in yourself and”Keep It Real”.




Let’s Keep It Real, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


The best way for you to lose your fat is for you to be “Brutally Honest” with yourself. When you begin to take an honest inventory of yourself and your daily choices, that is the very moment you begin to succeed.

If you are not completely honest with yourself, then you are expecting a result that simply cannot and will not be achieved. Why? If we have belly fat, body fat, leg fat, back fat… If we have any excess fat…Then there are a few realities that need to be addressed before we can ever expect to lose fat…And more importantly, actually, keep the weight off. It is time to face the facts.


Do you really want to lose weight? Or do you want to lose fat? It is our very “basic Perceptions” of weight loss and management that will keep us from our success. Why? Very simple…What we really want is to be “Less Fat”, “Not Fat”, or possibly even “Skinny”, “thin” or “Muscular”. What we really want…Is to look a certain way.



With that being stated…Our weight has no relevance to fat. That’s right weight and fat are two totally different subjects and have very different solutions, and this is the “Main Reason” so many people fail to lose fat.

People become a slave to “The Scale”, and this is a constant “Confidence Killer”. This can become a daily source of a “Personal Hell” for overweight people. First and foremost the scale will never be an “Accurate” source for monitoring your weight loss. Why? Simply because weight does come off any faster than it went on. The other very important contributing factor that keeps people depressed, disappointed, and unmotivated is “Water Retention”. The scale only monitors weight…not fat loss.

Up to 60% of our bodies consist of water, our internal organs are nearly 75% water, and even our bones are 30% water. The scale often will become “The Enemy” and the “Confidence Killer” of someone who really wants to lose weight. The reality is most people were losing fat and did not realize it due to their obsession with numbers on “The Scale”. Are you absolutely sure that you want to be a certain weight?


Here is where we begin to take the “Brutal Honest” inventory of ourselves. The reality is we want to look good with our clothes on, and we want to look even better with our clothes off. With that stated…Our reflections in the mirror…Our naked bodies…That is what our “Scale” needs to be…



    The reality is this…If you could look the way you truly desire, then you would not care how much you weighed. Our perception is our “Goal Weight” has to be a certain number, our goal weight should not be our primary focus if we want to lose fat and keep it off.



For instance, if you have two people that both weigh 125 pounds, one person could still believe they have not met their personal weight loss goals because they still do not look the way they want to.

The other person could be thrilled to be that size and is totally happy and content with their results.

One person could have far more muscle mass, and the other person could have a very significantly higher amount of body fat. This is called our “Body Mass Index”, which is our muscle to fat ratio.         

   This is why “Our Weight” has “Zero” relevance to our personal weight loss goals.





                          IS ALL ABOUT “YOU”


We are going to find you a solution for every aspect of your personal success on your “Weight Loss Journey”. Honest accurate information is what you need for success. Every person needs a realistic plan in order to be successful at anything…especially weight loss.

You are going to learn how to take control of your life and your eating habits one choice at a time. You will begin to see the changes and results in many areas of your life…not just “Fat Loss”.



Our primary goal here is to lose fat, improve our self-esteem, develop personal confidence and become healthy and happy people who are content with our daily choices, our lives, our actions, and our bodies.



This will require some true dedication, However, your personal journey does not need to be a “Hell Ride” of dieting, exercise, and dramatic sacrifices. The reality is we gained weight “One Choice” at a time, and that is exactly how we are going to lose that weight and keep it off.

The reality is we did not become “Fat” overnight and we will not become “Un-Fat” overnight. Every “Fad” diet will end up with the same results… short-term success and long-term failure. The weight will come back and often times putting on even more weight is the result.

Oftentimes diets and exercise cause people to gain even more weight in the long run.  Why? There are many factors for the answer to this question and each answer will vary differently and dramatically for each person.


Dr. Bellyfat - head shot - avatar of a handsome male doctor with blonde hair and blue yes. A very likeable yet trustworthy image. He seems to portray experience & trust,


 Typically a failed attempt to lose fat will create a lower self-esteem that continues to fuel very poor eating habits. This behavior is “Cyclical”, meaning, an emotional roller coaster of “Self-Disappointment”, which is far worse than any rejection.



This quickly becomes another personal hell that becomes even more difficult to become motivated and stay focused on our personal goals. Many times people become even more depressed and become even more overweight because they tried too hard too many times and never reached their goals or even lost any weight at all.



No More Living Hell, Everyday Is A New Day


  Giving up is no longer an option, we are going to find you realistic achievable goals for your personal success. Constant, consistent, “Progress” will become your “Personal Success”. You will learn to trust yourself, believe in yourself, and stay motivated by yourself.



The only person you need to succeed is “Yourself”…”You Can”…and “You Will Succeed at Losing Fat”. “You Will”  become physically stronger, and a clinically healthier person overall, “One Day at a Time”.


Your success will be the smile on your face for every sense of accomplishment…Not the numbers on “Scale”. You are going to transform yourself one day at a time. Every choice you make now will be a positive thought about yourself and the changes you made that day.

Now every day, and several times a day you will be building a positive self-image and building positive self-esteem. You will no longer be beating yourself up for every poor decision you make, you will be focused on every decision you did that was positive and/ or any personal achievement for the day.



  You will be counting and recording your everyday daily success, not your daily failures. This will improve every aspect and every area of your life. “One Day At a Time”.


On our website you will learn proper exercise techniques, true facts about diets, fasting, dieting and of course the best information on foods supplements and nutrition. Additionally, you will find support and validation here…Along with Personal empowerment, Self-help tips, Motivation, Confidence, and Inspiration.

This website is a free resource for you to find endless solutions to your weight loss goals and personal wellness. With credible and reliable sources and products for any and every solution for your personal success.

We only endorse and promote the products and services that will actually help our clients reach their long-term weight loss success and or total body transformation.


Please be sure to”Ask Dr. “Belly Fat” any questions you would possibly have, you can share your story, or leave your comments and/or suggestions in the comment section of any post. Any comment, story, suggestion, and/or question you could possibly have will definitely help us continue to provide you with honest and accurate information and will definitely help someone else with their journey.




Progress Not Perfection – Do Your Best Everyday


  One last thing I want to mention…Most people forget how special, strong and beautiful they really are. Regardless of the amount of fat you want to lose, I want you to look at this as a temporary setback in life that you can and you will fix. 

                                        Never forget about “The Power of You”

Keep it real, and keep your personal “Perceptions” and “Perspectives” in check. Anyone can lose fat, but if you were missing an arm or leg you could not change that. Another reality to stay focused on is even some people without arms and legs have become very physically fit.

You are an amazing person and you can begin Today to change your life forever. Just be honest with yourself, stop beating yourself up, give yourself a chance and give yourself a  break from your “Own Expectations”. Keep your goals realistic, and stop expecting “Dramatic Instant Results”.



The Journey Out Of Shame Starts Here


         Remember …Progress… not…Perfection, Find Daily Positives and Keep It Real 


“You” can lose your “Fat, and “You” will lose your “Fat”. Our “Self-Image” is just one of the issues that develop our self-esteem. Our perspective needs to be this…Patience + Dedication = Success. Does it really matter how long it takes to lose the fat, or does it matter that you actually lose the fat and keep it off? Today is a new day and you can do this.




 If you ever need motivation, inspiration, or have any questions, feel free to leave your comments and/or questions below and We will be more than happy to help you in any way that We possibly can.


                                               “We are going to focus on finding “Your” solutions”.


Wishing You All the best,

Dr. “Bellyfat”



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