How To Exercise And Lose The Belly Fat

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  Let’s ask Dr. Bellyfat…How to exercise and lose the “Belly Fat”.     “You will lose more “Fat” and gain more strength and muscle tissue by doing the exercises properly. It is a complete waste of your time and effort if you are not performing the exercises correctly. Additionally, you can easily injure yourself … Read more

What’s The Best Exercises For Weight Loss?

Let’s ask Dr. Bellyfat…What’s the best exercises for weight loss?    “Very Simple”… it would be a “Few” exercises that you either “Enjoy” or are willing to “Commit” to.        The Reality of Weight Loss   Today you are looking for a solution to lose weight because you have tried many exercises and … Read more

What Is An Exercise To Lose Belly Fat?

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Let’s ask Dr. Bellyfat… “What is the best exercise to lose belly fat?    “Very simple…Any exercise you enjoy or are willing to commit to that will raise your heart rate”. Many people believe that if they do a lot of sit-ups or crunches they will reduce their “Belly Fat” and the size of their … Read more

The Art of Accumulation

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  The Accumulation of Change   Today we are going to begin to change our perception of “Ourselves” and our “Fat”.  Additionally, we will be going to change our perception of “How to Lose our Fat”. From this day forward we will view our “Fat” as ( change )  in a “jar”. So depending on … Read more

About Me

   If you are serious about finding some “Real” solutions for losing weight and keeping it off… then Dr. Bellyfat can definitely help you.               ALL ABOUT ME I grew up an overweight child. Needless to say, I came from a broken home with many issues that led to … Read more