How To Exercise And Lose The Belly Fat

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  Let’s ask Dr. Bellyfat…How to exercise and lose the “Belly Fat”.

    “You will lose more “Fat” and gain more strength and muscle tissue by doing the exercises properly. It is a complete waste of your time and effort if you are not performing the exercises correctly. Additionally, you can easily injure yourself by being too ambitious, or by doing the exercises too fast, and exercising without proper form and/or posture”.


 Exercising Properly and Effectively


Learning and teaching yourself how to exercise properly is going to be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. Likely you have tried many types of exercises in the past and possibly you were injured a few times in the process of trying to lose weight.

“I kept trying to keep up with routines that I had never done before. This created a lot of soreness, lower back pain,  and other minor injuries”. I never gave myself or my body time to adjust to the new exercises and routines”.

Anytime we are doing an exercise that is different or new to us we must approach this new routine with caution until our bodies can adapt to the new dramatic movements. This is critical for long-term success with any type of exercise.


“I still have pain to this day with my lower back, knees, and my shoulders from 20-year-old injuries that I got when I very first started exercising. I kept hurting myself trying to get “Un-Fat” too fast”.


The most “Important Exercises” you will ever do will be the “First Few” exercises, repetitions, or routines. The first few times you actually perform the exercise or routine, is going to be the most “Critical”. This is where “All” injuries occur.

Typically we go into new routines and exercises with both ambition and excitement. However, we are more focused on getting the workout over or getting the “Fat” off than we are on performing our exercise properly.



Quality is Better Than Quantity

We are programmed to believe that more is better. That is rarely true in any case when it comes to exercise and dieting. In order to have “Real” long-term success at weight loss, and lose a lot of “Fat”, you need to be physically able to perform exercises without minor or major injuries.


fat guy running on a tread mill trying to get to a piece of cakeI had to accept the fact that I was too “Fat” to perform most of the exercises I was trying to do. I thought I had to do every single move exactly like the people on T.V. or I would not look like them. The truth is, I burn more calories now warming up to new exercises and routines than many exercises I do all the time.


Why? It takes a tremendous amount of effort for your body to adjust to new routines of any kind, especially exercise and weight lifting. Faster and more is never good in the first few stages of making an “Exercise Change” in your lifestyle.

You are doing “More” by doing “Less”. More is “Not Better” when your body is adjusting to new routines. You want to ease into every new routine. You do not have to keep up in order to get the same result. Giving your body time to adjust is “Critical”.

Your body will be getting a better physical benefit if you slow down at first and gradually build up the speed each time you perform the same exercise routine. This will firm up the “Fat”, build body strength,  and will build more muscle tissue throughout your entire body.



Stay Focused All of The Time


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You need to stay focused on these 3 Things all of the time to prevent injury, increase strength and muscle,  and produce some “Real” results …



1 – Proper Form.     Your form when you perform the exercise is extremely important. Study the entire movement, how your body moves and responds. Try doing the exercise as slow as you can, and then very slowly and gradually increase your speed over several days.

If you do not have the proper form your exercise time and your efforts are “Severely Reduced” and you will definitely see fewer results. Injuries come from a lack of proper form all of the time, this is very common for beginners to make this simple mistake and get a minor injury on the first day of a new routine.

More is not better. Faster is not better. You want to slowly adjust into your exercise routines for the maximum physical benefit. You do not need to be fast or perfect at first… you need to be focused on your form first. Then simply gradually speed up your workout sessions each time you perform the same exercise routine.


2 – Correct Posture.     Do not underestimate the power of posture. Your posture is extremely critical when it comes to exercise performance. When you exercise with the correct posture you are forcing your body to be in submission both mentally and physically. This mind-body connection will prevent injuries and increase your “Core” body strength.


  “Keeping a correct posture is an exercise you can perform anytime, anyplace, anywhere”. Posture exercises have tremendous physical benefits”.


Exercising with proper poster and form is going to be far more difficult than just simply following some routines. When we follow routines we typically just do what we see instead of making a “Conscious” body-mind connection. This will not only make you a physically stronger person, but this will have many long-term benefits.

When you are performing exercises at home such as on your resistance machines in your home you will “Always” want to have a “Conscious” mind-body connection. When you are walking, working out, sitting, even doing your household chores and daily responsibilities you will want to keep a mind connection to your posture.



3 – Muscle, Mind, and Body Connection.   This is the most “Critical” area you need to stay focused on every single minute that you exercise. You have probably spent hours and hours of real effort and have seen very few results and/or you have suffered minor injuries such as lower back pain and soreness. This is critically important to develop strength and muscle tissue. This is where the “Belly Fat” will truly begin to come off.


Quality…not Quantity. Our ultimate goal is to “Lose Fat”, but if get in such a hurry that we are not performing the exercises correctly, then we are wasting most of our time. Every time we exercise our bodies try to find ways to make the exercises easier.

We are truly better off if we do fewer exercises and do them properly. We must stay focused on how our muscles and our bodies are adjusting to the routines, We need to stay focused on how much strain we are putting on our bodies when we switch up our exercise routines.

  We need a “Consistent and Constant”,  Muscle, mind, and body connection to receive the maximum benefit for our exercise time.




What Are The Best Exercises to Lose “Belly Fat”?


Fun little white character using exercise machinesThe #1 Exercise for “Fat Loss” is Resistance Strength Training.    Strength training is going to be the “Most Important” exercise that you will ever do to reduce “Body Fat”. If you have some home resistance equipment you can save yourself “a lot of time” building up muscle tissue and increasing your overall body strength.

When we are strength training we are “Firming Up The Fat We Currently Have”. We are burning “Fat” and building muscle tissue throughout our entire bodies. When we do full-body exercises we are getting the maximum benefit for the time we invested.

Strength training instantly starts to increase your heart rate, and we can increase our “Actual” strength in just a few weeks’ time. This is where your form and posture will really pay off and you will begin to “Feel Results”. You will be physically stronger in a matter of just a few weeks.


The advantage to home resistance equipment is that you do not have to work out for 20-30 minutes at a time anymore. You can “Accumulate” several minutes each day at your convenience. When you perform an exercise “Correctly”, with proper form and posture, you simply do not have to do as many exercises.


It is a proven fact, that you will produce better physical results by slowing your routines “Way Down” and focusing on proper form and posture. This will produce more body strength and muscle tissue. You want to focus on performance instead of quantity.


Dr. Belly fat is a Cartoon He is Cool and awesome trustable likeable smile with blonde hair “Most people are wasting 20-30 minutes every day by not applying this very simple principle to other exercise routines. If you want to be physically stronger and “Less Flabby”, this is what you need to focus on first. These resistance machines can be used for 3 to 5 minutes at a time. This keeps exercise from being a “Daily Burden. I lost 50 pounds of “Pure Body Fat” with resistance machines and very simple changes to my everyday eating habits”.



If you simply just exercise on these machines 3 to 5 minutes here and there every day and every week you will “Really Begin to Accumulate Muscle Tissue and Strength Very Quickly”. Your body will recover faster and there are no injuries. This is the most effective and realistic way to “Lose Fat”.

“Our bodies like to store “Fat” in certain areas such as our “belly”. However if we want to lose the maximum amount of “Fat”….Then we must “Target Our Entire Body”.

People waste hours and hours every week going to the gym when they could be getting a better workout at home. The gym is great for people who have a lot of time on their hands and want to be in the social atmosphere of a gym. However, you can get just as physically fit in your own home in less than half the time it takes just to go to the gym.


“I have purchased many resistance machines over the last 20 years. Nothing produces results faster and more effective than resistance strength training machines. They are perfect for beginners who want to build up their strength and begin to develop muscle tissue without the risk of injuries. Convenient, efficient, and effective”.


Resistance exercise machines are proven to be the “Fastest” way to produce “Real” results. You can use these machines to elevate your heart rate and build muscle, and “Lose Fat” all at the same time. When you are strength training you can eat more calories per day than if you were just trying to lose weight.


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“Just remember to stay positive and focused. Keep the proper form, keep the proper posture, and keep your mind-body connection going at all times”.

If you simply focus on these three aspects during all of your exercise routines you will produce better physical results and you will become much stronger much faster”.

If you ever have any questions please let us know, we are here to help you find real solutions for your long-term weight loss. Simply Ask Dr. Bellyfat anything you want to know in the comment section below.










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