What Is An Exercise To Lose Belly Fat?

Doctor belly fat is cartoon doctor who is tall blonde and proudLet’s ask Dr. Bellyfat… “What is the best exercise to lose belly fat?

   “Very simple…Any exercise you enjoy or are willing to commit to that will raise your heart rate”.

Many people believe that if they do a lot of sit-ups or crunches they will reduce their “Belly Fat” and the size of their waist. That is simply not true.

In order to “Burn Fat” we must elevate our heart rates. When we go for periods of time with an elevated heart rate we are burning calories and fat. Typically it takes a person about 10 minutes before the heart rate is elevated and the body then reaches “the fat-burning stage”.

“The longer the duration of an elevated heart rate the more calories you will burn”.



Choosing The Right Exercises For You


What is an exercise to “Lose Belly Fat”? Well honestly there are literally thousands, However, there are going to be only a “Few” exercises that you might actually enjoy. There are probably a lot more that you would be willing to try if you believed the exercise and the effort you put in would actually “Burn Fat”.


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There are thousands of exercises you would literally “Hate” and never actually do. There are “Several” exercises that you have already done and you did not see the results you were looking for.


So, the question is this…What is an exercise you actually enjoy? Walking, riding bikes, what kind of physical activities can you do that will raise your heart rate?

Can you do this exercise and elevate your heart rate in smaller amounts of time? For instance, I do not like jogging because of my age and my knees are sensitive to long durations of hi-impact exercises. However, several times a day I will do “Standing Sprints” in my home.

Basically, I am just jogging in place for about 1-2 minutes until my heart rate has been elevated. Then I will do this off and on several times on the day I choose to do that particular exercise. Now remember I said I did not enjoy jogging, I do it this way because I can jog 30 -45-60 minutes in one day without injury.

Additionally, this keeps my heart rate up higher all through the day. I do this often on my breaks and the days I feel tired or exhausted. That quick burst of heart rate is far better for your heart than another energy drink and or “The Almighty Coffee”.



What Type of Exercise is Really The Best For Me?


Recommendation #1- In almost every case I would recommend “Very Low-Impact Exercises” that are easy and simple to do. Keep it simple, find a variety of exercise videos that interest you that have no ads. Ad’s are a constant distraction and delay for the busy person who has a limited amount of time each day to dedicate to exercising. You may only have 10 minutes here and there, you might be too busy to do a full 30-minute routine. You may want to do 10 minutes at a time 3-4 times a day instead of 30 -45 minutes all at once.

Recommendation #2- If you are currently walking or riding a bike, or perhaps you have a lot of distance that you commute on foot each day, then simply just “pick up the pace”. Just keep walking a little faster each time you think about it, or riding faster whatever the case may be. Each week simply just go a little faster and gradually you will find ways to keep raising your heart rate without “Killing Yourself”.

Recommendation #3- You may want to consider bicycling if you do not already. Bicycling is a very low-impact exercise that allows a complete full-body workout and elevates your heart rate. Bicycling can be a very enjoyable way to get your exercise time in, especially if you have children.

If you have no children cycling is a great way to save time, gas, and money. Simply doing errands on your bike can save hundreds of dollars each year. If you are single Bicycling can be

Recommendation #4- Keep it simple. Find a few enjoyable exercises that you do not hate and will actually commit to doing. Then simply just keep doing what you enjoy or don’t hate. You just keep picking up the pace. Eventually, you will be faster and stronger and have no risk of injury. Just to commit to a few exercises here and there for 10-15 minutes at a time. Keep it simple and keep it real.



Timing is Everything


We all want the maximum benefit “Fat Loss” in the minimum amount of time. If you want to make the most of your exercise time and all of your effort, then you need to be exercising on an empty stomach.

“This is extremely critical if you want to see results faster.”

First things first do not set yourself up for failure by making “Radical Changes” to your life. The best time to “Burn Fat” is the first thing in the morning. However, this might not be realistic for you to do this every single day. Maybe you can begin with 1-2 days a week? Maybe you can’t because of work or children.


There is always a solution, we just need to figure out what is the best solution for your lifestyle. Maybe you can exercise when you have not eaten for several hours. Ideally, we never want to exercise after we eat, but even if we do, we still got exercise in and we still got our heart rate up.

Every action we take 5-10-20 minutes will eventually add up and we will “Actually” begin to “Enjoy” our dedicated exercise and routines much, much more. If we are not enjoying our exercise experience we simply will not continue to exercise long term.


Dr. Belly fat is a Cartoon He is Cool and awesome trustable likeable smile with blonde hair “I skip one meal every single day and replace that meal with supplements and protein shakes. The supplements help for faster muscle recovery and supply many valuable nutrients that food simply does not have. I exercise After that “Skipped” meal because my body has the nutrition it needs and my stomach is basically empty”.




What Are The Top 3 Exercises to Burn Fat


1 – Walking.   Walking at a faster than your normal pace with proper full body posture and heel-to-toe leg and feet motion. Keep a constant awareness of each step you are taking. This will increase your heart rate and overall core body strength. Do not underestimate the power of walking, it has tremendous mental and physical benefits.

2- Low-Impact & Hi-Impact Cardio exercise routines.    There are thousands and thousands of routines to choose from. Buy the videos that you are interested in and begin alternating routines. The more routines you do,  and the more you strain and confuse your overall body tissues and muscles,  is the faster you will see “Real Results”.


Dr. Belly fat Cartoon Cool and awesome trustable likeable smile with blonde hairFor instance, instead of doing the same routine every day that you will soon get tired of, pick out 5 routines and do a different one each day. Additionally, you may want to do 5-10 minutes of different routines in one day to fit around your busy schedule.



3- Weight lifting.    This is the best way to increase your heart rate very quickly for men and women. You do not need a lot of weight. You can use resistance machines and or resistance bands. Resistance machines and bands are perfect for the home and you can use the 5-10 minutes anytime you can.

You can put dumbells and resistance bands in every room of your house (like me). You can use them for just 2-3 minutes here and there all day long. By the end of the day, you will probably have 20-30-45 minutes of workout time that you “Accumulated” and you never really lost a minute of your day.

I have owned many types of resistance machines over the years and they are the best way to build muscle without losing a huge chunk of your day. Resistance bands and dumbells are the best way to build your strength while increasing muscle tissue.

Dr. bellyfat


” I used to be so fat I could not even bend over and tie my shoes anymore”. I know exactly how hard it is to raise children, have relationships, work full time, and find the time to exercise and eat right. We are always here for you, We will help you find the solutions for your long-term weight loss and inspire and motivate you in any way we possibly can”.




Staying Positive is Critical for Success


Day in and day out we are our own worst enemy when it comes to dieting and exercise. We view everything we do as a “Personal Failure”. If the scale does not show we lost weight, we feel we failed again. If we eat too much, we failed again. If we did not get to exercise today, we failed again.

The truth is we are not failures and life can be difficult and complicated. We have to see the daily victories instead of our poor choices. We must stay positive and focused. I highly recommend stop weighing yourself every day or even every week.


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The scale is not an accurate measure for weight loss. There are many factors that go into “Scale Weight”. The numbers on the scale are not measuring how much “Fat” you lost, the scale tells you what you actually weigh. This became “MY Personal Hell”.

Those numbers “Your Weight” Typically vary “Dramatically” from sodium intake levels and water retention. The scale can be your worst enemy, and probably is. When I quit weighing myself is when I started to see some “Real” results. Your brain will focus on the topic of your choosing.

When I stopped weighing myself I started a logbook to track all of my choices each day. I write down what type of exercise I do, the duration, and all of the food that I eat that day and night. I also give myself a daily grade same as if every day were a test of my ability.

My personal weekly report card keeps me focused and on track. Most importantly this keeps me staying positive and I can see all of my success in writing. When I can see all the work and effort and all of the good eating choices I have made, I stay motivated.


“I kept forgetting all the good choices I made because all I could see was the “Fat” still on my body.” This perception of myself is why I was “Fat” for so many years. I could never see my own progress, all I saw was “failure”.


         “Today is a new day, the perfect day to make some “Realistic Changes” to our lives that we can learn to enjoy”.

All the best,

                             “Dr. Bellyfat”




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