What’s The Best Exercises For Weight Loss?

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Let’s ask Dr. Bellyfat…What’s the best exercises for weight loss?

   “Very Simple”… it would be a “Few” exercises that you either “Enjoy” or are willing to “Commit” to.   



The Reality of Weight Loss


Today you are looking for a solution to lose weight because you have tried many exercises and diets that did not produce your desired result. You are looking for the best way to lose “Weight” and/ or “Fat” without wasting more of your time and effort.

Additionally, you are probably searching for some exercises that are “Desirable” and that you can “Commit” to. You want to lose the “Fat” and you want to keep it off.

Are you certain that you really want to lose weight? Immediately your response would be…“Of course,  that is why I am on this website today”.

Let’s take a look at what you were looking for today and why. You are looking for a “Realistic Solution” for weight loss that will fit into your lifestyle. The “reality” is this…

1 – We really just want to lose some “Fat”.

2 – We want to look a certain way.

3 – We want to be healthier without giving up the food we “Love”.

4 – We do not want to have to diet and exercise constantly.

5 – We are looking for ways to be healthier without dedicating our entire life to diets and exercising.

6 – We believe if we lose a certain amount of “Weight” we will be happy and healthy.

9 – We want to believe the numbers on the “Scale” are 100% accurate.


“The truth is…If you looked how you wanted, and all of your “Fat” was gone, you probably would not care how much you weighed, and likely would stop weighing yourself because there would be no point.

Why would the “Numbers” on a scale matter if we looked how we wanted to? They wouldn’t.

We are programmed to believe that “Weight” and “Fat” are two in the same. The truth is we want to lose “Fat”. We also would like to be stronger and develop some muscle tissue. Our concern needs to be our B.M.I. our body mass index.




Our Body Mass Index


Our body mass index is a fancy way of saying our “Fat” to “Muscle” ratio. Basically, it is a way to measure our body fat and our muscle tissue. For instance, females are supposed to have 5%-7% more body fat than men. If we are “Starving” ourselves to lose weight then we will be losing our muscle tissue.

 When we starve ourselves or become too calorie deficient we are losing our muscle tissue in exchange for losing our “Fat”. This creates us to be tired all the time and we are in a constant state of exhaustion. Additionally, this depletes many brain chemicals necessary to endure the stress of our daily lives.


We cannot afford to exercise to the point that we are actually losing our muscle tissue. Yes, that is a “Real Thing”, you can exercise and diet your way into losing muscle tissue, and this will constantly “Drain” you mentally, emotionally, and physically.




Finding The Right Exercises For You


People think if they do just the right exercise that they will lose their “Fat” faster. There is some “Truth” in that however the reality is this…

“If you do not enjoy the exercise or you dislike the exercise then you will not do those exercises long-term. The key to long-term weight loss is finding combinations of activities and exercise that you can learn to enjoy. Most of us have to force ourselves to exercise.

 When we have to force ourselves to exercise, then we probably do not enjoy dieting either. This is why we surf the internet all the time. We are looking for ways to enjoy becoming healthy. We do not want diet and exercise to consume our lives.


These constant trials and errors keep us “Mentally Defeated” on an emotional roller coaster. We continue to have a negative self-image and are constantly mentally beating ourselves up for everything we eat. We beat ourselves up constantly for our eating habits and our lack of exercise.

Because we do not “Enjoy” the exercises we have done in the past and we have failed at dieting before. Let’s keep it real…Restricting our diet is just “Not Fun”, and exercise is “Very Hard” work. We have to find exercises that we can learn to enjoy.

I truly believe in strength training and resistance machines. When I bought my first Bowflex 20 years ago, I absolutely fell into love with this “Resistance Machine”. This was a major turning point in my success at losing “Fat” and gaining strength and muscle tissue.

The machine was easy to store out of the way, easy to use, and I could use it on and off anytime I wanted to.  At that particular time in my life, my children were babies and I was at home raising them. I have purchased several “Resistance Machines” over the years…Because I finally found an exercise that I “Actually Enjoyed”.

My key to success for losing 75 pounds of “Pure Body Fat” started with one simple machine. 20 years later those 75 pounds of “Pur Body Fat” are still gone. Over the 20 years, there were some 5-10-20 pound fluctuations. When I developed the “Art of Accumulation” the “Fat”. finally stayed off completely.




The Top 5 Exercises For Long-Term Weight Loss


1 – Lifting Weights. Lifting weights instantly raises your heart rate and is highly effective for both men and women. Most females will avoid weight in fear of “Weight Gain”. Both men and women can lose a lot of “fat” without really building “big” muscles. Muscle does weigh more than fat, however, our primary goal is to lose our “Fat”.

There is absolutely no reason to focus on lifting heavyweights. To develop strength and muscle tissue and to “Firm” up a “Flabby” body, you need to focus on “Form”. Use smaller weights and proper form to see “Real” results.


2- Resistance Strength Training. Resistance strength training is not equivalent to lifting weights but it is far more practical and convenient for everyday lifestyle. Resistance bands allow you to build strength without really developing a lot of muscle tissue. Resistance bands and home exercise equipment is absolutely perfect for the super busy lifestyle.

If you really want to lose fat and become more “Firm” and “Stronger” then this area of your life really needs to be an option for you. You may not enjoy the exercise at first, but the long-term convenience and overall result will compel you to continue to do more of the exercise. Over time you will begin to actually enjoy this type of exercise.

Resistance training gives you dramatic long-term results. This will compel you to continue on with dieting and eating better and improve many other aspects of your personal life. The resistance machines and bands build your strength at a “Rapid” pace.


3 – Bicycling. This is by far one of the most effective ways to “Prevent” weight gain and for long-term weight loss. Bicycling allows you to build muscle tissue throughout your entire body while burning a significant number of calories.

 “Bicycling has kept 50 pounds of “Pure Body Fat” off my body for 20 years. Bicycling changed my life. I started bicycling because I did not like to exercise”.

Bicycling will raise your heart rate as much as you want depending on how you ride the bike, not how fast you are going. Additionally, the bicycle is a “Superior” exercise machine because it is a very “Low-Impact” exercise machine. Low-impact exercises are perfect for people who are 30 and over who want to lose “Fat” without injury.

Bicycling is perfect for anyone at any age. Most of us rode bikes as children, and the reality is if we had never quit, we would probably be healthier and thinner. If you have children like I do, I lost many, many pounds by riding bikes with my kids every day.


4 – Fast Walking. Fast walking is a very convenient and enjoyable exercise with “Huge” mental and physical benefits. When you walk correctly and above a normal pace it requires a large number of “Large” muscle groups, and really strengthens your lower body.

Walking is the number one exercise around the world. Everyone walks for pleasure and as a form of exercise to some degree. We can make this one exercise far more effective for you to actually gain “Muscle” and lose “Fat”.

Here are 3 ways you can improve your walking for weight loss and gain muscle…

1- Walk with a good upright posture. Shoulders back, chin up, gut sucked in (this is very important), and walk heel-to-toe.

2 – Make a mind and body connection. Think about how you are walking and stepping. Deliberately force your feet to keep alignment and stay very focused on the heel-to-toe.

3 – Pick up your pace. You can vary your speed on and off for an incredible lower body workout. Walking with good posture and with a good mind/body connection, walking faster will be difficult. This intentional difficulty might surprise you. Walking correctly at a faster pace is “Extremely Beneficial”.

“Walking can have a tremendous psychological benefit that is found to be very therapeutic. Walking typically calms people down and is a very pleasurable source of exercise. You do not have to be a “Power Walker” to receive emotional benefits.”

Walking will often give us time to process some of the worries and stress of our lives. This time alone with yourself can be very therapeutic and can improve many areas of your life, even if only for a few minutes a day.


5 – Cardio Exercise Routines. Exercise videos are perfect for the busy person who spends a lot of time in their home. Depending on your physical abilities you would need to choose hi-impact or low-impact. The only people who need hi-impact cardio, are the people who are already very physically active.

Low-Impact cardio routines are much safer and have little if any injuries associated with the exercise simply being too difficult to perform. These are perfect for stay-at-home parents and/or people who work out of their homes. If you spend a lot of time in your home then you need a large collection of cardio exercise routines.

Having a collection of cardio routines avoids a lot of distractions from Ads and keeps the routines from becoming “Boring”. You can do a different routine every day to avoid “Burnout”. If you have just a few videos you will get tired of them very quickly and likely will stop using them as a result.

 “In the last 20 years, I have purchased hundreds of cardio routines, several bicycles, and lots of exercise equipment and they “all” have definitely contributed to my long-term weight loss success.”



Set Realistic Expectations


The last thing we need to do to ourselves and our lives is to add any additional “Stress” to our day. Each day we need to stop beating ourselves up for every single decision that is not perfect. “Stop” expecting immediate results, especially on “The Almighty Scale of Fat Justice”.

Give yourself a break, reward yourself every week in some way, start to monitor all of your good choices, and focus on your daily personal victories. Set realistic goals, such as “I am going to lose 10 pounds this year…Not this month”. With this attitude, you will likely lose far more than 10 pounds.

Allow yourself time to change and grow in positive ways. Life is difficult, complicated, and very busy. We have demands and responsibilities in our lives each and every day. We cannot afford to be putting “Negatives” on ourselves when we already have a complicated lifestyle.

Making “Radical” changes in our diets and exercise will only add to the stress and negativity. We have got to keep it simple, and we have got to keep it real. Be sure to read my article on “The Art of Accumulation.”

“I have been inspiring and motivating people for over 20 years. We can become our own worst enemy by not taking the time to improve our lives in the areas we need improvement the most. Life is way too short to be negative to ourselves.


All the best,

                          “Dr. Bellyfat”






  Dr. Belly fat Tall blonde handsome trustable cartoon doctor with a smile of compassion“We are always here to help you any way we can. Keep coming back for inspiration, validation, and support. Your personal wellness and fitness goals are our top priority. We want to find you “Real” solutions for your personal weight loss goals. Ask anything you want below in the comment section and we will be glad to help you in any way we possibly can.

” I have lost 75 pounds of “Pure Fat” and have kept that fat off my body for over 20 years. I know exactly how difficult changes and life can be. Never give up, stay positive, and do the best you can each and every day.

 “If you are beating yourself up…Then stop. You are an amazing person and you can do anything you set your mind to”.





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