The Art of Accumulation


The Accumulation of Change


Today we are going to begin to change our perception of “Ourselves” and our “Fat”.  Additionally, we will be going to change our perception of “How to Lose our Fat”. From this day forward we will view our “Fat” as ( change )  in a “jar”. So depending on how much “Fat” you have is dependent on the amount of change that is in “Your” “jar”.

cartoon coins funny pictures on themLet’s start with a very simple example of how we accumulate our actual “money change”. Each day these coins really start to pile up “accumulate” in our vehicles, purses, coin jars, countertops, etc. After a few weeks and months, we have accumulated a good deal of change. With just a few cents here and there we have now accumulated a few dollars.


“Today we have a completely full “Change Jar” that represents “All” of our “Fat”.


We can now base our daily decisions on the “Laws of Change”. If we make a really good decision such as giving up a morning bagel, we can now take 25 cents out of our “Jar of Fat”. Each and every decision you make now is at least a penny you can take out of the “Jar of Fat”.

Now instead of beating ourselves up every day (several times a day), we can now see that every choice we make is now some “Change” out of our “Fat Jar”. Every choice, every minute of working out, every drink, every bite… can now be one “Decision” closer to being “Un Fat”.


“We accumulated our “Fat” exactly like we accumulated our “Money Change”.


Instead of giving up things “We Love” completely, we can “Gradually” make a few cutbacks here and there without even missing them. Just a few drinks here and a few bites there…We are going to “Accumulate” these very simple choices and changes into losing our “fat Forever”.

Instead of drinking the whole 32 oz Super Slurpee, We simply throw the last third away that is watered down and doesn’t even taste that great, or we buy the 16-20 oz instead. Each and every day, several times a day, you will now be making simple changes that are going to “Accumulate” very quickly in your favor.


   ” I failed to lose my “Fat” so many times, and tried so many diets, I exercised until I was injured many, many, times”. However, I was “Failing” my way to success, one choice at a time”.



Simple Everyday Choices Really Add Up Fast


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“I do not recommend giving up the foods and drinks you “Love” the most. You may have to eat them less often or less of them, but I am not giving up my fast food greasy cheeseburgers, or pizza for anybody, Are You?


Allow me to share some of my personal eating habits with you. I “Love” McDonald’s food. Ever since I was a small child, I have lived and loved to eat their cheeseburgers and fries, and of course… the almighty milkshake. I love Coca-Cola, so if I am not “Choking Down” a strawberry milkshake, I am guzzling my 32oz Coke. I “Love” burgers and fires…I “Hated” to diet… and I “Hated” to be restricted from “My Food”.


emoji frustrated & aggravated

My first “Real” success with “Fat Loss”  began in fast-food restaurants. I first began by analyzing my food experience. Most of the time I was just “Shoveling” in the food, or just “Cramming” the food into my mouth. I never had the chance to truly enjoy the food. I was literally just cramming in the burgers and fries until I was “Way” past full, and guzzling down the milkshakes and sodas nobody’s business.


I realized that I was not even really tasting the food. I was in a state of “Euphoria” that was created from a constant “Shoveling” of food into my mouth for “Mental Satisfaction”.

I decided if I was going to eat the food I “Loved” then I was “Only” going to eat the “Food” I loved. I quit eating the mushy fries, and started drinking only half of my 32 oz soda. After just a few weeks there was a dramatic “Loss of Fat”. Then I decided to take my two cheeseburgers and take off the 2 bottom buns and make my own doubles with 2 top sesame seed buns.

 You know how it is when you get to the restaurant and you order the food you love..but you get the food that is just ok.

The buns are greasy today or most of these fries are cold and mushy, the burger has sat so long it is just not as good as it should be. Then we get the fountain pop that tastes like “Crap” or the shakes are “Runny”. I now refuse to eat the food I love if it is “Crappy Today”. I simply just eat and drink the best of it and throw the rest away.

Now I am truly “Loving It”. I never eat the bad fries, I never drink all of my soda unless it is absolutely perfect. “Now I can have my burger and eat in too”. I  typically save over 500 calories just by making very simple changes every time I go.


Cartoon burger and fries

 “From this day forward…Each and every bite, each and every drink, and every time you exercise just a little bit… is another “Coin” that comes out of “Your Fat  Jar”. These very simple changes are really going to add up fast. We are losing the “Fat” one decision at a time.




Accumulation Will Lead To A Lifetime of Success


     “I kept trying to make way too many changes way too fast…these “Radical” and “Unrealistic” expectations were destroying me emotionally, mentally, and physically”.


Every decision from this day forward you will see your “Personal Success” every single day, and several times a day. Making “Radical Demands” on yourself in “Complicated Environments” and/or Relationships will only cause you to see the “Failures” in your daily habits.

We must “Stay Focused” on the principles and laws of “Changes”. Every decision we make we are “Taking” the “Change” out of our “Jar of Fat” and someday that “Jar” will be empty and the “fat” will be gone. You can lose your fat and you will lose your fat… One “Single Decision” at a time.

These decisions will lead you straight into a lifetime of “Success” and true “H a p p i n e s s” and inner peace. Each and day, every day several times a day you will be showing yourself, (proving to yourself), That you can make some very simple changes.  These very simple changes you are making now are going to add up very quickly.

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“The more you can mentally acknowledge your good decisions the more “You Will Change”. These daily”Mental Positive Reinforcements” will continually raise your self-esteem and personal image of yourself”.


Every time you make a good decision you will feel good about yourself. Every single time. Every single decision. This process of change will begin to change every aspect of your life. Your every day “Demeanor” will slowly begin to change at a very rapid pace.

Now every single day you know that you made some progress, and you never have to beat yourself up again until you “Lose it on a Binge Day”. Some days our lives will be very stressed out or even fall to pieces or perhaps we just “Caved” in from having too strict of a diet. We must “Keep it Real”.

So let’s apply this same aspect now apply it to our exercise routines. For the last 10 years as a single parent, I had to come to many realizations in my life.  Setting all of these unrealistic goals for myself was causing some very negative situations and was keeping me in a constant state of “Exhaustion”.



Accumulating Exercise By The Minute


I just had to start facing some very simple facts about myself and my personal situation at that time in my life. I simply just could not afford the time to go to the gym.

There was a 20-minute drive to the gym, and then my 30 -45 minute workout, then a shower/tanning, then off to work, or home, then back to my daily responsibilities. The reality was this…I just took 2 hours out of my day for 30-45 minutes of exercise. Some days I forget my water bottle, my towel, or tanning lotion, or maybe the traffic was bad, or my phone rang, or a train was in my way.


“All of these “Negatives” just to get a simple 45-minute workout. My time to myself was “Very Limited” and all of these additional daily pressures were just creating more stress.


cartoon family happyWorking out before work left me exhausted all day. Working out after work was like a burden I carried around all day. I needed to work out, but after work, I was just to tired, and had kids, dinner, bath time, books, and so on.



                     “When we have too much daily stress meltdowns and drama occur”.


I created “The Principle of Accumulation” and “The Laws of Change” because it was the only way I could get “My Time” in each day. At this point in my life, I had to start by making simple changes to my eating habits and exercising at home here and there. I then decided to invest my money into workout videos, dietary supplements, and home exercise equipment.


“I  began with turning my household chores into workouts. Making everything difficult on purpose”.


When I vacuumed I made it difficult and time-consuming on purpose to burn more calories. I got down in all the places that are difficult to get to or way up high and very inconvenient. When I’m in the kitchen cooking bacon, I am doing squats, calf raises, or even push-ups off the counter in my kitchen.

I have resistance bands all over my house. I have exercise machines in my home. I can stop and do a set here and there whenever I want to. I only work out through the week a few minutes at a time. By the end of the day, I have accumulated well over 60-90 minutes of workout time every single day.

   No more injuries, no more stress going to the gym, no more time and money wasted, and no more 30 minute workouts throughout the week.

If I have the time I will ride my bike to the store on purpose to save gas and money, and just to burn more calories while getting my daily responsibilities done. I turned my laundry day into a full day of stretches. After each load, I do simple stretches that I tend to avoid throughout the week and some other very simple exercises.


I have home exercise equipment located in almost every room of my house. Dumbells, resistance bands, exercise machines and I use them all 5 minutes at a time or less. I can get in 30-60-90 minutes of exercises every single day and never do a 20-30 minute routine.

I even apply this to my favorite workout routines. I hardly even do the same ones twice. I do dedicate myself to cardio routines and/or bike riding when I have 30-60-90 minutes to dedicate to that. I love to ride my bike, but I do the cardio because it is good for me. I ride my bike “Way” more than I do cardio.


The Only Thing That Matters” now is that every single day you are “Accumulating Changes” in your lifestyle. Every single day, every single bite, every single minute of exercise is “Accumulating” in your favor. Even when we eat the whole pizza, or eat two bags of chips and cookies in one day, we are still “Winning the War on Fat”. We made hundreds of good decisions before we “Blew” it again.



This Time Will Be Different


” I failed my way to success, one day at a time, one decision at a time, one choice at a time. Very simple everyday changes “Accumulated” into the loss of 75 pounds of “Pure Fat”.


If you have tried and tried…and failed and failed… then you probably were making far more progress than you realized. Every day you have been beating yourself up, both mentally and emotionally because you simply had a “Wrong Perspective” on “How to Lose Fat”.

I spend 30-60 minutes a day looking at myself in the mirror doing personal meditations. I have mirrors everywhere in my house and office. All day, every day, I tell myself I can succeed, and I will succeed. Every single day I resist something, restrict something, or just simply cut back on something.


Every day I just change a little something, even if it is just one simple choice that day. “Every Single Choice is a Coin Out of The Jar of Fat”.


Dr. Belly fat Cartoon Cool and awesome trustable likeable smile with blonde hairFocus on just 5 pounds of “Fat” at a time. Stop weighing yourself every single day. Start weighing yourself “Monthly”. The scale is “Not an Accurate Measuring tool for Fat Loss”. There are way too many variables that go into each day and each meal we eat. Never, Ever, weigh yourself every day. You will beat yourself up emotionally to the point of “Daily Failure”.


Stop expecting immediate results. This way of thinking has been a self-destructive pattern of behavior for a long time and that needs to stop. Give yourself the time to change and grow.


Each and every decision you make from this day forward… You can find a way to see the “Positives” in the effort, choices,  and changes you are making to your life on a daily basis. Each morning you will remember the changes you made, instead of your failures.


  “You must stay Positive”, you will be staying positive all day long now because you are now going to be focused on each “Good Decision” you are making.


Keep coming back to this website for positive affirmation, motivation, and inspiration. We are dedicated to your self-improvement, your weight loss, your self-esteem, and your personal empowerment. We are here to help you find “Everyday Real Solutions” for “Your Permanent Weight Loss”.

Giving up is no longer an option. The only thing you need to do now is to commit to making one very simple choice at a time. Then you will gradually implement these “Choices and Changes” into your different exercises and diet strategies.

frustrated emoji with a red face


   “You are Going to Stop Beating Yourself up Today”. You now have a totally different strategy for success that you can now fit easily into your lifestyle.


Regardless of your lifestyle, you now have a new skill set that will bring you “Years of Accumulated Success”. You will begin to see every aspect of your life improve from this day forward.



Last But Not Least


Doctor Belly Fat is a tall well built blonde headed avatar. He is good looking healthy and strong. He portrays instant trust with a compelling smile.There are probably only 2 or 3 “Bad Habits” that are truly in your way of “Real Success”. If you can identify these 2 or 3 habits you will see your personal success much faster. I will give you some examples of my own “Bad Habits”. I love to eat at night watching T.V. This “One” behavior is what “Kept” me “Fat” my “Entire Life”.

I still eat watching T.V. sometimes, but now if I do, it is only food with “Low Carbs”. I eat hi-carb food throughout the day and low-carb food at night. So when I am watching my favorite show, I can eat something that is not going to bloat me out the next day or make me feel “Guilty”.



Another big issue of mine is I love the “Almighty Carbohydrate”. I love to eat cereal, bread, cake, chips, and hamburger buns. Now I simply just “Reduce,”Resist” and “Repeat”. I do this over and over…all day…every day.


 “All day Every day. I still eat what I want to…I just cannot “Have it All” when I want or How I want”.


Here is one “Huge” thing I have learned over the years. The first bite is the best bite. When I eat Oreos the first cookie is the best cookie. The second one is still very good, and by the third oreo I am just “Shoving” and “Cramming” them in.

So, The reality is, after the first oreo the rest became a blur and I really didn’t even taste them. So I started just eating 3 or 4, or just not even eating them at all. For that many calories, I could have just eaten the fries that I really wanted.

 ” I am constantly trading one food for another. I will skip one food to eat the other. Sometimes I skip the fries to have the milkshake”.

My other “Big Bad Habit” is my “love” for soda. I drank Coke and Mountain Dew all of my life. “In the End” I finally had to quit drinking them completely in order to get to the “Next Level” of “Fat Loss” and reach my personal goal. It took about 10 years before the “zero” calorie drinks tasted good enough for me. Now I might drink 2 “Real Pops” per month, and love every sip.

When the energy drinks came out 20 years ago I guzzled them by the gallon. I drank as many as 6 monsters in one day for many, many days. I was a single parent, working 40-50 hours a week, just keeping it all together.


 “At that time in my life, I needed enough energy just to get through one single day, and I became severely “Strung Out” in the process. It took 20 years for me to quit drinking pop and energy drinks”.


When I began to make very simple changes to these aspects and areas of my life… The “Fat” really began to come off and the muscle development really began to accumulate. For the first time in my life, I was finally losing “Fat and Gaining Muscle and Gaining Strength”.


Red emoji with a bump on his head giving the old O.K. sighn with a halo around his headLife will go on every single day, and our “Decisions and Choices” will accumulate for the benefit of our lives… or the “Path to our Personal Destruction”. We did not get “Fat” in One day, and we will not get “Un Fat” in One day.



    Today Is The Day To Start Your Life Completely Over







Stand Up And Beleive In Yourself


“I challenge you to stand up and look directly into a full-length mirror”.

Stand up with a perfect posture. Shoulders back, gut sucked in, chin up, deep breath, standing perfectly straight and still. You will feel the pressure has been relieved from your lower back “Instantly”. Your belly fat and poor posture have probably been causing you lower back pain for years.


Doctor belly fat is cartoon doctor who is tall blonde and proud The most “Important Exercise” you will ever do in your life is very simple “Posture Exercises”. Exercising your posture will improve your self-esteem dramatically and instantly. You will soon discover how difficult it is to maintain your posture everywhere you go, especially when sitting at a desk or table.  Exercising your posture will have tremendous mental and physical benefits.


Most people cannot retain a proper poster for one full minute. It takes many years of self-discipline to have the perfect posture. Our posture affects every aspect of our life “Instantly”. When you look at yourself every day in the mirror and accept the person you see, you are no longer “Living in Denial”, you are “Living in Acceptance”.

Look yourself in the mirror every single day and tell yourself you will make a few more good choices today. Psychiatrists do say that positive affirmations in the mirror with “Your” spoken voice have a very positive effect.

I certainly agree, however you should be doing this in private only. People who are not “Fat” would never understand. Personally, I have had far more success without speaking out loud into the mirror, However, I do personal meditations in the mirror every single day.

I have been inspiring people for over 20 years. Please remember we are always here for you,


All the best,

     “Dr. Bellyfat”






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